We are a company of superfood revolution!

At Amwel, we aim to help you achieve a healthy and wholesome lifestyle by presenting our range of healthy staple food. Each product nurtures an age old secret of good health and better immunity. Experience the satisfaction of good health without compromising the taste.

Our vision is to offer our clients a greater, and healthier life through organic products made in India for people who value health.

Amwel isn't just about bread and flour. We are committed to making healthy food for people who want the best for their health as well as our environment. Our sustainability commitments mean that we can bring you certified organic products and traceable unbleached flours from low impact sources. From barley and wholemeal grains to Foxtail and Kodo millets, we've got all your cereal needs covered!

Your health and wellness starts with your diet. We source, process, package and deliver whole grains to you so you can prepare healthy meals for your family. We strive for freshness and we hate dyes, fillers, and chemicals.

We handcraft flours from select organic seeds, grains and other natural ingredients. We take great care to create gluten-free flours that retain their full nutritional potency and enlivened flavor. Our flours are produced with eco-friendly processing, non-GMO ingredients and are certified organic.

A healthy and holistic lifestyle is not just a choice that we make to live our lives, but in fact, it should be, the fundamentals on which we base our choices.

Healthy living is not a contemporary fad or a fibre of the 'gym culture', but this practice dates back to our very genesis. Our ancestors have not known anything other than healthy living.

But recently, due to the plethora of food choices and excessive evolution of our taste buds, we all have been swayed by the glamour in food instead of the nutrition in it. The multilateral ties that we have with our food are deeply influenced by marketing, ease of eating, takeaways, new fads and what not.

We have all heard how important it is to 'catch them young' and rightly so. We need to inculcate the value and importance of healthy eating in the younger generation. They need to realise that eating home-cooked, wholesome food is not some trendy diet, but that is as normal as it gets.

Over the years, we have lost touch with our roots, so much so that we cannot even recall the names of some of the most basic fruits, grains, pulses and vegetables which should have been a staple in our diets.

But since we are living in an age of aesthetics, ....has decided to reintroduce a range of healthy staples which were lost to hands of junk food and quick hunger fixes.
It is time to go back to our roots.