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As we have abundantly witnessed, all cuisines are becoming progressively glocal. People have started developing and experimenting with diverse food palettes. The taste buds are definitely tingling, but with all these food options available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out the perfect blend of food choices to satiate our nutrient requirements. In order to look for the perfect mix of food combinations and proportions, tailor-made to suit our unique body and metabolic needs; it is becoming imperative to seek an expert opinion. For those of you who wish to undergo an overhauling of your dietary requirements, kindly reach out to our dieticians on board who will fix all your food flaws.

Dietician Garima

A clinical dietitian, Garima Goyal has been in the industry for many years. A qualified professional who has been well trained in the field, Garima Goyal has learned the art of treating people through the eyes of diet habits very well. Equipped to work at hospitals, Garima Goyal has also attained training at reputed medical organizations. Enabled to treat patients diagnosed with Diabetes, Hepatitis, chronic illnesses, and other complicated diseases. By working closely with patients and monitoring their food habits, Garima Goyal has successfully helped many people recover from otherwise chronic health conditions. By keeping up with technological advances in the field, learning new skills from time to time, and putting in all her efforts to improve her performance is what keeps her going through her journey of being a clinical dietitian. An expert in treating people, Garima Goyal is no superhero. Yet she is a superwoman who has the power to divert diseases by putting away unhealthy food habits, fluctuating nutrient intake, and negating chances of letting the patient’s health deteriorate further. To sum up, she very well seems to be an enthusiast who is committed to her passion and practices it every day to become much better.

While all her success is talked about, the efforts that go on behind the scenes are not much of a topic of discussion. She claims that it is the invisible interest of an individual to keep working hard and fast to achieve his/ her goal as soon as possible. Although rapidity must not influence the process of achieving success, smart work has taken the front seat in place of hard work. Contemporary times have evolved the way an individual, especially a clinical dietitian works to get to the top. Not every professional is running behind monetary successes. Some are simply working in order to help their patients and assist them in whatever way possible. The field of medicine demands attention, assistance, and support from all professionals like Garima Goyal who are forever devoted to their responsibility. Raising the bar of excellence and standing by the side of their career, she has never let her mentors down. Her superiors and mentors have placed their faith in her abilities and appreciate her skills. Playing through the field with her head held high, she is a clinical dietitian who perceives her job as important as that of other medical professionals.

On one hand, where a dietitian is supposed to prescribe healthy food habits and recommend a health-appropriate diet routine, she is doing more than that. She is trying to hone her skills by practicing compassion, care, and cooperation with her patients. Trying to make the best of her ability to extend her aid to others, she keeps on practicing her role as a clinical dietitian and working along with those who are in dire need of her assistance. Inspiration for her juniors, a matter of pride for her mentors, and an asset to the field, she is an ultimate clinical dietitian!

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