Ways to Cook Millets

  • Jul 21, 2023
  • By Dietician Garima

Cooking the Millets to get a creamy porridge is an art and let us
explore the ideal way to cook the millets.

Ways to cook millet - There are three ways to cook a perfect millet in
less than half an hour. Before cooking the millet, you have to prep it
by cleaning it with water a couple of times and then rubbing it with
hands to remove the dust.

Soaking the millet prior to cooking - Although soaking the millets
before cooking is optional, but is definitely advantageous if done. Any
millet grain when soaked becomes easier to digest and soaking also
increases the bioavailability of micronutrients. The outer skin texture
is hard and you can feel it in cooked porridge, but soaking prior to
cooking makes it creamy in texture. Soak the millet for 4-8 hours before
cooking. After soaking it, wash it in water 2-3 times and drain the


Stove Top cooking
       Stovetop cooking - For stovetop cooking, take a thick bottom pan or
pot and heat it. Then add drained millet grain to it along with water
and partially cover it with a lid. The proportion of millet grain to
water is 1:1.5 for soaked millet (1 cup millet grain and 1.5 cups water)
and 1:2 for unsoaked millet (1 cup millet grain and 2 cups water).
Adjust the heat to high and let the water come to a boil which will take
around 5 minutes. Once water has boiled, adjust the flame to low and
completely cover the pan with lid to cook it until all the water is
absorbed by the millet grains. Pre soaked millets will take about 6-8
minutes while unsoaked millets will take 10-13 minutes. Till the time
all water is absorbed, the millet grains are cooked. Switch off the
flame and let it sit for ten more minutes. Finally your millet grain is

Pot cooking

       Instant pot cooking - To the inner pot of your instant pot, add
drained millet, water and a teaspoon of oil. Properly close the lid and
move the steam releasing valve to the sealing position. Select pressure
cook mode and cook on a high pressure for 4 minutes if using pre soaked
millets or 8 minutes if using unsoaked millets. Once done, switch the
pot off, wait for 10 minutes and do a normal pressure release. Millet is
ready to use.



         Stovetop pressure cooker cooking - Take a pressure cooker and add
millets, water and one teaspoon of oil to it. Close the lid and cook the
Pre soaked millets for 1-2 whistles on a medium high flame and cook the
unsoaked millets for 2-3 whistles. Let the pressure release naturally.
Remove the lid and your millet is ready to use.

Now you know the ideal way to cook the millet, may it be any. To give it
an extra flavour, you can use vegetable broth in the place of water.
Also use spices such as bay leaf, cardamoms or cinnamon to give an extra
flavourful touch to your recipe. For getting a creamy porridge, use
coconut milk instead of water.

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